Maximance partners with Blue Grace Bolivia 

October 10, 2023

We are proud to announce that the company Blue Grace Bolivia SRL has appointed Maximance 2030 Ltd as Asset Manager for its Asset Forestry Natural Capital Carbon Offset Bond with a Total Value of USD 22,898,000,000.00.

Blue Grace Bolivia SRL is aiming to preserve 8.3 million hectares of Amazon rainforest throught its UN SDGs & Carbon Offsetting programme via SDG Bond Tokenization & Asset Forestry.

The Maximance Team.


May 03, 2023

We hereby notify that, as of today Wednesday May 3, 2023, Mr. Augusto Piazza will no longer maintain any type of professional/commercial relationship with any of the companies that form the Group.

We are grateful with Mr. Piazza for his commitment and pertinent input as Chief Financial Officer. We regret the disassociation of Mr. Piazza and wish him success.


The Maximance Team.